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FLO IS BACK from 17th APRIL!


Sorry about that slight delay and having to ask everybody to rebook but some last-minute 'interpretation' of the rules meant most UK skateparks have had to do some rethinking about how to run sessions ... anyway...


  • We will be open from Saturday 17th April onwards


  • Bookings will be open Wednesday 14th April at Noon for the period Saturday 17th April to Sunday 25thApril


Please read this notice for all participants and parents due to new guidance from Skateboarding Great Britain, our national governing body


  • Step 2 – 12th April until not before 17th May

  • We now must have separate adult and child sessions due to the new guidance


  • We are also not allowed to admit spectators including parents, please contact us if you are a parent and this is an issue for your child attending a session


  • This will change again hopefully in May, when we should be less restricted


  • Indoor sport, exercise, or activities indoors during Step 2 is restricted to individuals only

    • So, all mixing and gathering indoors between individuals is strictly not allowed, this is a condition for us to open


This is the legal definition of a gathering (which is not allowed)..


  • A gathering takes place when two or more persons are present together in the same place in order—

(i)to engage in any form of social interaction with each other, or

(ii)to undertake any other activity with each other;


Please help keep Flo open by complying with this

  • Some of the fun will be taken out of it, we know, and we are sorry for this, but it is this, or we close and not open until the middle of May


  • As before, all sessions must now be booked and paid online


  • First time visitors, please make sure you book and register, any child under 16 must have a parent with them to register at the park when they arrive

  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your session


  • All bookings are released a week in advance, normally on a Saturday morning


  • If sessions become full, we sometimes have cancellations so some spaces may come available


  • If you have never been to Flo before or require more information, please call 07863 130 300

  • Click the button below to read the full guidance before booking



  Every 1st and 3rd Saturday in the month

  • Next session to be announced

  • Friendly atmosphere - Lots of boards free to use 

  • All female environment in the Skatepark

  • Male waiting area with pool table


24th April 2021 - 6pm till 9pm

  • Over 30's Skateboarding Session​

  • Fiver entry

  • All levels of ability welcome


5 Poulton Dr, Nottingham NG2 4BN, UK

07863 130300

07863 130300

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