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The Flo Hub Comp was AMAZING!

Already seems like a long time ago, but here are some snippets of what went down at our Flo Hub Comp! Massive thanks to all who came to shred and watch!

To see all the pictures from @sidewalkhorse , check out the new blog on our website.

To see the full edit from @madputz , head to our YouTube (link in bio) or his Instagram page.

Footage from the livestream is now live on our YouTube channel; the first upload is female park (Note: there are some audio issues), the second is the rest of the comp with superb commentary from Henry & Tom @chenninetythree @afterlaughtercomestom

Huge thank you to @Habitomortgages for kindly donating our Prize fund of £3800!

Habito exists to make mortgages easier. The tech start-up has supported Skateboard GB's National Championships since 2019 and has helped fund the regeneration of several grassroots skateparks and spaces across the UK.

And also, a big thanks to everyone that donated prizes!











Another thanks to the DJ’s from @runningcirclerecords

Results for the comps were as follows:

















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