Our Vision

To use our unique skatepark and creative arts space to establish a community where physical activity and creative expression can enrich lives.

Our Mission

  • Increase the number of people establishing healthy, active, positive lifestyles in our community through participation in skateboarding, BMX and artistic pursuits, with a particular focus on three groups:

  • Young people under the age of 16

  • Women and Girls - working towards narrowing the gender gap in Skateboarding and BMX

  • People from lower socio-economic backgrounds and communities in Nottingham, identifying barriers ad removing them

  • Identify opportunities where sport and art can be a vehicle for wider personal development that affects genuine social and community value. Establishing a targeted outreach programme and strong links with community organisations across the City.

  • Establish a network of motivated, supported and appreciated volunteers and coaches who’s lives are enriched by developing personal skills and benefits from their involvement, while helping us establish a market leading, Nationally recognised programme of coaching and tuition.

  • Manage the Trust with transparency and robust governance procedures that give the highest possible assurance of operational excellence

  • Raise the profile of Flo as a significant sports and community facility in Nottingham

Our Values

  • Protect and respect the culture of the park

  • Communicate openly and listen to the Flo Community

  • Protect children and other vulnerable people with Safeguarding policies that are embedded in all areas of our operation

  • Be nice or leave – any form of physical or emotional abuse or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated

  • A positive advocate and role-model for Nottingham and share our pride in the heritage and culture of the City

  • Build strong, lasting relationships with partners that share our vision

  • Stay open and ready to exchange ideas and share best practice

Where the money goes

Any surplus funds will be retained and used to sustain, grow and develop our activities in accordance with our objectives as a charity.

Funds will not be distributed to members or more widely as dictated by our status as a registered Charitable incorporated organisation in England and Wales.